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About Noel Lynn
I'm 22 years old. An adult. But, inside I'm still a child, yet, I know more about life than many, which I had to learn "the hard way." I've been through more than most people. I am scarred in many ways. I am anything but your ordinary 22 year old girl. I do not work, and I dropped out of college... again. But, plan to go back when more focused and motivated. My major was Psychology. And I love it. Though, I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I had always planned on being a therapist but there's so much more out there, that I don't want to miss out on.

I'm the youngest of 4, but because of a recent incident, I consider myself an only child. I love english bulldogs, cats, and reading. I like books involving Psychology. My favorite is one I just read recently, "A Child Called 'It'". I definately recomend it. It involves abuse of a very young child, and is heart breaking.

I've been through a lot of abuse as a child, myself, but am working through the problems that have resulted from it, though, I feel as though, I will never truely be over it.

My journal contains my daily rantings about life. I am very blunt, and don't watch what I say, because it is my journal, and I don't feel like I should sensor myself. That's why it is friends only. So, add me if you'd like, and I will probably add you back. Under the condition that you are over the age of 21.

Hope to see you around LJ land. You can IM me if you wanna talk. Alittle2unwel on AIM. And Noel_Lynn_22 on yahoo.

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