It happened twice. If it happens again, I quit. I keep hitting the wrong button, and the stupid page goes away and it didn't save it like it usually does. I hate that shit.

I was saying (twice, this is the third fucking time) that I am going out Steve, a fat guy, who looks like he's in his 60's but he's only 30. And he stutters. I used to work with him at Shop Rite. He's asked me out like 93 times, so this time I said yeah.. AS FRIENDS.

I'm also going out with Mike tonight. I used to work with him too, at Wawa, years. We haven't talked in a while, until recently and he let me use him as a job refernce, so that's good. Hopefully he says good things, if they call him.

I found out, through Mike, who knows asshole through the fire company that, he does that to a lot of girls, "takes them out then screws them over." So, I'm not gonna worry about it anymore.

I registered for my classes, finally. I'm only taking 2, but I'm excited. I thought I wasn't gonna be able to go this semester, because when I went to register today, they told me I owed the whole $732. I could pay in monthly payments, but I had to give them $223 today. Well, I panicked, but my mom left me a check on the table when she came for her lunch break. So, that's good.